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Developers & Contractors

As a licensed & bonded C-7 subcontractor, Builders Audio & Video can be a valued resource for new home developers and custom contractors.  We can offer the latest in home entertainment for your clients without the headaches normally associated in dealing with "audiophiles".  From structured wiring to whole house audio to home theater packages, Builders Audio & Video can provide the feeling of a custom installation without the typical cost or confusion.

While home audio is not a new idea, the problem in the past has been its application.  Typically, general contractors and developers have been forced to deal with high end audio companies or alarm companies to offer such options.  High end audio companies, while competent with sound, have very little construction knowledge or apptitude.  Alarm companies have good intentions when offering audio systems, but their inadequate knowledge of the field often leaves the client with odd systems that never deliver what is promised.  Unfortunately, either way leaves the homeowner with a bad experience that the developer or general contractor is often blamed for.

At Builders Audio & Video, we only deal with simple, easy to operate applications.  Further, we completely understand the construction process and know that time & flexibility are key to a successful development or project.  While we have been in business since 1997, our founder has an additional 15 years experience in the construction industry, operating all facets of a design center.  We have the sophistication to meet directly with your clients as needed, eliminating additional time constraints on you.  We understand the need to keep to a construction schedule and guarantee a 5 day turnaround when scheduling prewires.  Our goal is to help relieve the pressure a general contractor has in completing a project by being the most reliable subcontractor on the project.
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